How to maintain your HVAC and limit energy consumption

According to research, more than 40 percent of the total energy used in a commercial building is use by the HVAC, Proper running and proper maintenance of HVAC system is crucial in saving the energy of the system. Environmental condition like humidity and temperature do affect the functionality of HVAC System, thereby causing interruption and failures which can leads to high power consumption. HVAC maintenance is the key to set in reducing energy cost. Maintenance of each of the system is discussed below.

AC system

If you find yourself in a warm or hot environment, you might not be able to be cope without you air conditional. Maintenance should ne chip in other to keep the air conditional in the good shape. Some of the things to check is the refrigerant level, the inflow of air and many more. Some for the component require for the functionality of the ac should be cleaned and adjusted. Note that undercharged system will drain the efficiency of your system; this will lead to increase monthly charges.

Heating System

Heating system is an essential part of HVAC; it is needed to be maintained to its best performance. Ensure your heat exchanger is working perfectly and all components are working smoothly. Clearing up the furnace as well can also reduce puff back effect. Change the filter at constant interval because dirt and dust are caught in it. This dirt might cause reduction of airflow. To be exact change the filter once in six month.

HVAC Energy saving

The primary purpose of HVAC is to provide thermal balance to ease discomfort and favorable indoor air quality. In other to save energy HVAC economizer is what you need to get. What is HVAC economizer? An economizer is a device that can be added to your new or existing HVAC system. Economizer monitors, control and dedicate pathway of fresh air into homes existing air system. Some of the feature of an economizer is discussed below.

  • Economizer provides fresh air with less energy to run AC
  • Economizer limit run time
  • Economizer enables user to go for free cooling early
  • It offers fresh air when you want it automatically
  • It increase the life span of AC processors
  • The system can execute it task without prior call from compressor
  • The system provides relief that improve comfort with a reduced cost
  • The system do not require interaction, one button can automatically switch to get free cooling air or switch fresh air beyond auto operation
  • This system works in conjunction with any HVAC system. It comes with plug and play installation media that makes installation easier.

In conclusion, maintaining and limiting the energy consumption of your HVAC system is very essential. Maintaining it will increase the life span of your unit and also makes it work efficiently, this will cut unnecessary cost of replacement. Reducing the energy consumption with protect you from paying excessive monthly bill. Properly maintain your HVAC system today and experience cooling effect in new form.